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Boom Box Silicone Teether - Multiple Colors

Boom Box Silicone Teether - Multiple Colors

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Product Description: Boom Box Silicone Teether - Multiple Colors

Introducing our newest addition to the GUMMY CHIC teether collection - the Boom Box Silicone Teether! Inspired by the iconic boom boxes of the 80's, this teether is a throwback to a nostalgic era. Designed by owner Claudia, this teether offers multiple textures on both the front and back, providing the perfect sensory surfaces for teething relief.

Made from 100% food grade silicone, this teether is not only soft and gentle on your little one's gums, but also durable enough for even the most avid chewers. It is free from harmful chemicals, ensuring the safety of your child.

With its fun and playful design, the Boom Box Silicone Teether is not only a hit with parents, but also with kids. It comes in multiple colors, giving you the option to choose the perfect one for your little one. So if you loved our best selling cassette tape teethers, you're definitely going to love this one too!

Get your hands on the Boom Box Silicone Teether now and provide your child with much needed teething relief in a fun and safe way. Order yours today from our website at

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