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Huckleberry and Goose

How to Dress a Dinosaur

How to Dress a Dinosaur

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How to Dress a Dinosaur

The perfect book for any parent struggling to help their child get dressed in the morning. ROAR! Dinosaurs don’t wear shirts! Every parent knows the struggle of getting a child dressed and out the door. But with a cast of hilariously coiffed dinosaurs to teach toddlers how to stomp their feet into pant legs and reach their claws into shirts, getting dressed becomes a game.

With this playful companion to How to Potty Train a Dinosaur, your little dino lover will beg to join in the fun and get dressed like a dinosaur! This board book is perfect for little hands and will keep your child entertained while learning important skills.

Say goodbye to the morning battles and hello to a fun and interactive way to get dressed. This book is a must-have for any parent looking to make the morning routine a little more enjoyable. So why wait? Get your copy of How to Dress a Dinosaur today and watch your child transform into a dino fashionista!

Order now at and make getting dressed a ROAR-some adventure!

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